Monday, March 29, 2010

Some pics from the Desert


  1. Hi Kaela,
    What great desert pictures!
    The last picture really shows how pervasive
    the sand is.
    Is that you running up the hill?
    I love the bandanas!

  2. My dearest Kaela-
    I'm sorry I haven't commented lately! The Roby family has been a little behind it looks like. Hawaii spoiled us a little too much apparently! We had so much fun - whale watching, a helicopter ride over a volcano, hiking over hardened lava, relaxing at the beach and many pools - it was great.
    Your adventures over spring break sound amazing! And I love the pictures, as usual. I hope you're still enjoying your internship, it sounds like a cool organization with some awesome programs. I hope you're not too lonely without fellow Americans around! And I hope your host family is as sweet as the last.
    Miss you lots!

  3. hey Kaela,
    It was so fun to skype with you on Easter. That skype is such an amazing thing!! Glad to hear things are going well with the internship- sounds very interesting.

    And I love your desert pics-particularly the one with the "desert fashion wear"!

    We missed you on Sunday- we only had a few cousins there this year!! Definitely leaves a hole!

    Till next time, take care,

  4. Hi Kaela! Fran here! That was great to skype with you on Sunday! I am so glad that you are happy and everything is going so well! I imagine there are day to day adjustments and some difficulties but you take everything in stride so well!

    I love the "Abbey Road" pic! Even the cigarette in the hand! Ha! And the bandana shot of you fabulous four could be an album cover for the next "sandstorm" techno remix release! Also great shots of the desert, the crock, the pelicans. And the shots on the earlier blog of the kids are really cute!

    Nice job learning the wolof! I wish I were learning Spanish that quickly. But I suppose if were dropped in the middle of a Mexican desert surrounded by locals, I'd probably pick up the pace!

    Thanks for sharing your stories and great pics. Fran