Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ok, so the Roby family gets a major A+ on blog commenting. I can't believe I got a comment from each member of the family, I love it! Thanks guys! It makes me feel so loved.

Just a quick update on the goings on here. It's my last week in Dakar and though I'm very sad to be leaving the family, I am very ready for a break from classes and very excited for the internship phase to start. I can't believe how fast the time is going, I'm already halfway through!

This past weekend involved a lot of salsa dancing, as usual. I went out on Friday and brought my host sister Baaly! It was so much fun to have her join us and she had a great time. My family has been teasing me to dance for them in the house and I have thus far refused but on Saturday, because it was my last full weekend, we decided to have a little dance party in the dining room. I brought my computer home and cranked the tunes and everyone danced, including all the kids and my 62 year old host mother! It was one of the most enjoyable nights I have spent in Senegal.

Spring break starts this Saturday and I will be traveling with 7 other students to Saint Louis, a city in the north part of Senegal. It's known for it's jazz musical roots and historical character. We're staying there for 3 days and then venturing on to the National Bird Park which is supposed to have insane amounts of birds, the wildlife for which Senegal is known, along with monkeys and I think a variety of reptiles. We're staying at the only hotel for the park which is supposed to be really nice, and it has a pool! After two days at the bird park, we're off to the Desert du Lompoul for camping, complete with camel rides and sleeping under the stars! And then it's back to Dakar to spend the weekend with the family.

More to come!



  1. Hey Kaela!!!
    Guess what! it is your long lost cousin! You know, the obnoxious one? well, I couldn't let the Roby's get all the credit for posting, because even if you don't know it, I do love you!!!!!!! I have finally caught up on all the reading of your blogs, and have enjoyed them very much!! I am so happy you are doing lots of dancing there! It sounds like you are having a great experience! Your pictures of the host family are awesome! I can't wait to hear about your spring break, and then onto an internship!!!! I got a couple big pieces of news for you. My first is that I just got an internship for the summer at Deloitte and Touche LLP, one of the big 4 cpa firms! I am so excited!!! Second, I asked Monica if she would marry me!! Can you beleive it?!? Now, it won't be for another year and a half, so don't worry, we have plenty of time, but I just thought you should know!! Be sure I am going to start posting more, now that my internship search is complete!

    I love you and hope you are having loads of fun!

    You long lost cuz,

  2. Well now that we got the big congrats on "family package" postings, we have a reputation to keep up! So I'll be the first Roby to post on this one.

    Dance night with the fam sounded great! And the spring break plans sound like they'll be a blast. Be careful around the monkeys though- if they are like the baboons that B encountered in Kenya, they like to chase girls- but then again maybe that's only Kenyan baboons! :)

    Have a fabulous time!
    Love, Maura

  3. Hey Kaela!
    It was so fun to talk to you this weekend! We missed you so much at the Irish party. Just wasn't the same without you. I just went on Google chat (yes I'm at work again, haha) to see if you're on but I'm guessing you'll be on a slightly different schedule now that you're in your internship phase. Hopefully we can find a time to chat soon though! I want to hear all about your spring break adventures and camping in the desert and your new family! You should email me if you know a specific time when you'll be on so I can try to catch you.
    Your fan club (aka the Robys) are off to Hawaii next week!! I can't wait!
    Love you girl.