Monday, January 18, 2010

What a First Day

So, I've been up for about the last 40 hours and feeling a little groggy so forgive my not so polished writing (not that it ever really is) but I wanted to get this up before I lost the access to internet.

I'm just finishing up my first full day(and these are my favorite pics), though it's been more like two considering travel, overnight flights and such. Dakar has really been an experience thus far. It's breathtakingly beautiful while completely impoverished at the same time. One house will be whitewashed and have handmade, inticate security gates while the house directly next to it is gutted, falling down and housing squatters to whom the building could be extremely unsafe. There are people and animals everywhere. As we walked around during the afternoon, we were surrounded by children in brightly colored outfits, taxis, street vendors, horse-drawn wagons, goats, cows, roosters and stray dogs. It has certainly been an interesting place to take in and, needless to say, the place has character.

We did our first day of orientation, the group leaders seem very nice though I have to say my French is feeling a little rusty from winter break after I had to spend the entire day functioning in it. They introduced us to one of Dakar's fishing beaches and I cannot describe how vibrant the place was, there were hurdreds of brightly colored fishing boats, kids playing football (soccer) and tons upon tons of bins of fish. It was such a great first impression.

I was also introduced to a couple of Senegal's tradtional dishes, cuscous with fish and vegetables and onion glazed chicken with fries. Both were delicious! Though I am very very full.

Thanks for all the comments so far, I miss you guys already! Bonne soir! Until next time!



  1. Oh my gosh, Kaela - I can't believe you've posted and have pictures on your blog already! Amazing!

    Sounds like your first day was great- I love the picture of the boat (the others too of course).

    Hope you are catching up on your sleep-looking forward to your next post.

    love to you.

  2. Kaela; How is your "Big Adventure" going? We are so proud of you and your willingness to go on a trip like this! We hope you are enjoying all the new things you are seeing in Senegal. I love your new skirt...very fashionable! We are looking forward to hearing about your trip! Love, Mom & Dad

  3. Kaela,

    Wow great pictures of the fishing boat and that tree in front of the housing unit! Ed would be proud of your composition and all on so little sleep.

    You meal sounded delicious!

    Is that your roommate in the picture with you?

    It was one year ago today that Bridget landed in Kenya And now another niece is in Senegal! Thank heavens for blogging so uncles can keep in touch with globe-trottng nieces!

    I am typing while flat on my back with laptop on my chest. Ugh.

    Good news I cannot go on really long.

    Did you hear that the Vikes crushed Dallas 34-3

    Farve threw 4 touchdown passes three to Rice and one to the guy whose name begins with V.(Shanti V)
    Defense sacked quarterback 6 times!

    On a more somber note A Republican won the Senate seat of Ted Kennedy's in Boston amidst a wave of anti health care plan sentiment.

    So Dems no longer have filibuster proof numbers in Senate.

    I talked to Colin in Rome. Tonight he and the ensemble sleep on a ferry ship that takes them to Sicily where they perform 3 concerts. He did one concert in Rome and lots of sight seeing.

    Do get some sleep. Just because you're Kevin's daughter doesn't mean you can go 40 plus hours with no sleep! Even he catnaps four to five hours every diurnal earth rotation.

    God's blessings to you and your crew and all with whom you encounter.


    Mike D

  4. Kaela, How amazing-Pictures already! It looks like you are in a good place. That's reassuring. Love the pictures-get some sleep. We look forward to future blogs. Eileen

  5. I can't believe you posted pictures already! That's definitely one advantage to having your laptop, haha. It's so fun to see some images! Looks like orientation is in a nice place - awesome! And I love the skirt/wrap - what do they call them in Senegal? In Kenya they called them khangas and they almost always had Swahili proverbs on them.
    The semester's off to a good buy busy start here. I've been training for my new job just about every second I'm not in class, but I think I'm really gonna like it so that's the good news!
    Hope orientation is going well and that you're meeting some new friends! Miss you.